Mike Griffiths

PI and Paediatric Neurology Consultant

Background: Mike is the group PI. He is a Professor in Paediatric Neurosciences at IVES, UoL and Honorary Consultant Paediatric Neurologist at Alder Hey Children's Foundation Trust. He clinically trained at Nottingham, Cardiff, Newcastle and Liverpool. His PhD was at Oxford University and KEMRI, Kilifi, Kenya. His post-doctoral training was at Stanford University. Random Fact: Mike would love to play rugby for Wales. His best dance moves were at Kilifi Members Bar after a few Tuskers

Lorna Finch

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Background: Lorna trained as a Biomedical scientist. Dr Finchs' 10 year research activity has spanned across academic institutions, the NHS and the UK Civil Service leading clinical evaluation trials and In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) development towards infectious diseases, rare human diseases and host-pathogen responses. Dr Finch has additionally been seconded to outbreak response scientist roles during the 2013-2016 West African Ebola virus epidemic and COVID-19 pandemic. Role: Lorna works mainly on DIME and TRIM, as well as, supporting Blink-DX, NMO-Inflammation, CHASE, TREAT-ED, POMS studies. She is based between IVES and MedtechtoMarket as part of the TRIM study.

Daisy Bengey

Research Assistant

George Sikaksis

Research Assistant

Geraint Sunderland

PhD student and neurosurgical registrar, lead for TRAPNGS study

Charlotte Fuller

MD student and Paediatric Infectious Disease trainee

Charlotte is studying outcomes of febrile encephalopthy and supporting the CHASE study

Emily Gibbons

MD student and Neurology Registrar, supporting NMO inflammation study

Ben Hall

MD student and Neurosurgery Trainee, supporting TREAT-ED study

Tina Damodar

Wellcome Trust DBT Clinical Fellow and Microbiology Trainee, India

Tina is working with our lab to examine the human host transcript response to Scrub thyphus infection among Indian child patients. Scrub Thyphus is a disease caused by a bacteria Orientia tsutsugamushi. It is one of the commonest presentations of febrile encephalopathy among children in India. Accuracy of diagnostics for Scrub can be variable. Tina is also assessing the value of serological and pathogen specific-PCR in CSF and blood to diagnose scrub as part of her Wellcome fellowship. The transcript work has been supported by an Encephalitis Society grant to Tina.

Aifa Bardatin (Lutfi)

LPDP Fellow, PhD student and Neurology Trainee, Indonesia, local lead for DIME

Stephen Ray (right)

Wellcome Trust Clinical Fellow, PhD student, Paed. Infect. Disease Trainee, lead for CHASE